Why do we offer Undeposit?

With the ongoing global changes and the challenging economic environment, all our clients find themselves in, we understand how critical cash flow is in your business. A global first for our industry, Undeposit is an option that saves you valuable cash that you can use in your business for any capital requirements. Why pay substantial security deposits without any return or spend expensive bank charges on bank guarantees when you can opt for Undeposit?

Undeposit allows you to pay a once-off non-refundable fee for the lease period, which is a fraction of the security deposit requirement. This product offering is now also available for Smartmove and Smartstay leases, removing the stress of budgeting for a new security deposit.

Qualifying for Undeposit is subject to your business having traded for five years or longer, a clear credit record with no adverse information, and a good track record in your industry. Fee rates vary in accordance with the qualifying criteria and risk profile of the client, and terms and conditions apply.



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