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Environmental sustainability is at the core of our business at Growthpoint, and we are committed to creating sustained value by integrating environmental, social and economic issues into our corporate strategy. 

In the last 10 years, Growthpoint has played a critical role in leading the transition of green building as an experimental activity in the property sector to an integrated component in the conceptualisation, implementation and operation of buildings. 

We understand the importance of a clearly defined ESG strategy, targets and results to our investors with an increasing focus on both financial and non-financial performance. 

Greener Cities

We understand that the relationship between climate change and the built environment is integral, with the construction and operation of buildings responsible for approximately 30% of global CO2 emissions. 

While climate change is frequently linked to environmental issues alone, we believe that social, economic and environmental sustainability are interrelated. Green buildings are one of the most cost-effective solutions to climate change, providing significant environmental, economic and social benefits. With 95 certificates from 71 buildings, at an estimated book value of R14,9 billion and 897 383m2 GLA, we own one of the largest collection of Green Star rated buildings in the country. 

As a platinum founding member of the Green Building Council South Africa (GBCSA), we work hard to create sustainable workspaces that have minimal impact on the environment, while providing maximum benefit to the people who occupy these spaces. 

High-quality indoor environments contribute significantly towards the health, wellness and productivity of the people who use these spaces, and an exciting example of the integrated environmental, social and economic benefits of green buildings.  

Our Strategy & Targets

Growthpoint will be taking its climate response strategy to the next level by implementing a robust and viable carbon neutral strategy. A multi-step process, our aim is to achieve carbon neutrality through data-driven targets that offer tangible benefits to both the business and our stakeholders. 

Linking to a philosophy of doing well while doing good, our plans and targets for carbon neutrality are integrated into our ESG strategy and linked to financial metrics to ensure that we remain accountable to our investors and continue to drive down the cost of occupancy for our tenants. 

Energy efficiency, off-site renewables, on-site renewables and carbon offsets have been identified as four critical role players in our overall strategy. 

Green Highlights for 2020


Net Zero buildings



Solar potential installed

R13.4 Million

Combined saving for Growthpoint and our tenants this year through green leases


Commercially implemented Greenovate Award innovation

Sustainability Documents Library

Green Star Heroes

Our first Green Star certified, multi-tenanted building in the Growthpoint portfolio and our second building to be certified, Lincoln on the Lake was the 15th building to be certified in South Africa. Certified in 2012, Lincoln on the Lake was a big milestone in Growthpoint’s environmental sustainability journey.



Our first Net Zero Carbon rating, Greenfields Industrial Park aims to neutralise its carbon footprint. Net-zero carbon buildings are highly energy-efficient, with the remaining energy demand supplied by on-site and/or off-site renewable sources, or through offsets.



Cintocare Hospital is the first healthcare property on the African continent to be awarded a Green Star rating, with a five-star Green Star Custom Healthcare design certification from the GBCSA. 

Green Projects Portfolio

Water Efficiency

South Africa is a water-stressed country which translates into environmental impact as well as business continuity risk for our buildings and their occupants. We are constantly testing water harvesting, recycling and purification technologies. 

Energy Efficiency

Although renewable energy generation is on the rise globally, we only produce a small percentage of grid supplied electricity from renewables in South Africa. This even though we have one of the highest carbon intensities (ratio of CO2 produced per unit of GDP) in the world. Reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions, through energy efficiency measures is a key priority at Growthpoint. Rapidly rising electricity tariffs have supported the business case for performance improvements carried out at our buildings. 

Renewable Energy

Our focus is on rooftop solar PV plants as these are currently the most viable renewable energy option for our property portfolio. We plan to increase energy generation from solar plants significantly in order to achieve energy efficiency, energy security and reduced CO2 emissions from energy consumption. 

We are excited about the opportunity to support the planned carbon neutral strategy with a solar PV roll-out. 


The intention behind The Greenovate Awards is to expose the students to key focus areas concerning sustainability within the industry and introduce industry to the talent available to them. The Awards encourages students to learn about green building and sustainability early on in their careers.

Essentially, we want them to enter the market as advocates for green building with a passion to create better, more sustainable, cities, towns and neighbourhoods. These are tomorrow’s leaders who will take the green building movement forward and ensure it continues to innovate and inspire.

Sustainability News

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