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Why do we offer UNdeposit

The challenging economic environment has given us an opportunity to explore how we could make doing business with you, a bit easier. We also understand that parting with large amounts of money to pay a deposit on a new lease, or a lease renewal, could put a real dent in your cash flow. Fortunately, we are able to offer you a positive solution to this obstacle, in the form of a forward-thinking product that will change the way you lease with us.

What can Undeposit do for me?

Let’s say for instance that your required deposit amounts to R100 000 and that the invested interest earned at 6% amounts to R19 101.60. Growthpoint’s non-refundable fee could be as little as R10 000, depending on your risk criteria. What this means for you is that if you take the deposit value and invest it, it will recover the non-refundable fee amount, in addition to you receiving a tax deduction.