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Operation Destination


Explore Iceland here:


Current brokers in the running:

Here are the latest Industrial Top 5

Hayley Rubin
5th Avenue Properties
Raymond Lurie
Asset Property Group
Craig Stevens
Reef Properties
Emile Rossouw
Meadow Bridge Consulting
Ruth Ploos
Currie Group

Here are the latest Office Top 5

Ian Lambie
Lambie Spark & Associates
Karen Singer
Grant Kirchman
Brian Baartman
Elias Ploos
Knight Frank

Did you know:

  • 332 000 people inhabit Iceland.
  • Reykjavik, the capital, means 'smoky bay' and has 184,000 inhabitants.
  • island is also known as the land of fire and ice.
  • The most spoken languages include Icelandic, English and German.
  • Some parts of Game of Thrones was filmed here (season three).
  • Delicacies include fermented shark and smoked puffin, although the most common dish is lamb chops and buttery potatoes or stew with local veg.
  • The Icelandic language has hardly changed from ancient Norse. So learn a few phrases and you’ll be speaking like a true Viking!
  • Reykjavik is the largest city in Iceland and is the world’s  most northernmost capital of a sovereign state.
  • It is believed to be the location of the first permanent settlement (AD 874).
  • It is among the cleanest, greenest and safest cities (globally).
  • The capital is famous for its weekend nightlife.
  • It has the oldest and largest golf club in Iceland.
  • The capital has one of the best salmon fishing rivers in the country.
  • It has an internationally recognized art and music scene.

Don’t forget to organise your passport, so that it is valid in the event that are one of the winners. 


For more information contact Zaak Fourie on  073 524 3572 or Nicky Whiting on 082 570 6453.