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Operation Destination


Explore New York here:

In the running, industrial:

Lee Greyvenstein Reef Properties
Ezra Gengan Recoin Properties
Craig Terblanche Rennie Properties
Myron Louw API Property Group
Brad Porteous Anbro Properties

In the running, office:

Brian Baardman Find an Office
Giulio Marsella MGM Properties
Henning van der Merwe Office Place
Davin Gidish Knight Frank
Angus Alexander Cushman Wakefield Excellerate

Interesting facts about New York:

The city was originally called New Amsterdam.

New York City has 722 miles of subway track.

European settlers who brought seeds to New York introduced apples in the 1600s.

The Big Apple is a term coined by musicians meaning to play the big time.

Joseph C. Gayetty of New York City invented toilet paper in 1857.

New York was the first state to require license plates on cars.

New York State is home to 58 species of wild orchids.

New York has over 70,000 miles of rivers and streams.

The Island of Manhattan derives its name from the Native American tribe that lived in the area, called the Mannahatta.

The oldest standing building in New York City is the Wyckoff Farmhouse, originally built in 1652.

Don’t forget to organise your passport, so that it is valid in the event that are one of the winners. 


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