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Sustainable Strategy


environmental sustainability strategy

Our environmental sustainability strategy hinges on five strategic levers in the drive to create value through sustainability: Growthpoint has embarked on a journey of sustainable development and operations that are influencing the way in which we do business. Each sector (retail, industrial, office) have different levels of focus within sustainability.

1.Utility Management

This focus area highlights the need to accurately measure and bill our clients for energy and water consumption within our properties. In addition, it also focuses on the need to ensure that we align ourselves with the latest electricity and water measuring technology.

2.Consumption Efficiency

This focus area highlights the need to constantly investigate and implement interventions that will reduce operational costs for our clients and increase desirability to occupy our vacant space.

3.Renewable (Energy mix)

This focus area highlights the need to incorporate renewable energy solutions in buildings with a feasible business case.

4.Sustainable Development

This focus area makes sure that our new and existing buildings adhere to the quality standards set out by the Green Building Council of South Africa.


This focus area focuses on risk mitigating projects within our property portfolio (like electricity security), advocacy/education of sustainability as well as sustainable reporting.

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