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Growsmart is a Growthpoint education initiative in collaboration with the Western Cape Department of Education. It demonstrates the effects and importance of an ongoing effective public-private partnership. Growsmart features a quiz competition targeting learners in grades four, five and six, in schools with poor literacy. By adopting a collaborative approach, we utilise the resources of our shopping centres in the Western Cape and continue to enhance our efforts towards providing learners with access to quality education. The programme expanded into the Eastern Cape in 2018 in partnership with Eastern Cape Department of Education where 360 students entered the literacy and story writing competitions. There are 60 schools involved in the initiative with 30 in East London, 20 in East London and 10 in Uitenhage.

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Growthpoint Gems

With family values at our core Growthpoint believes that “charity begins at home". Growthpoint GEMS aims to provide financial support to the children of lower income earning staff to enable them to pursue a quality education. Currently in its third year the programme covers costs such as tuition, books, transport and extra mural activities. The programme has also gained valuable insights into the socio-economic issues that are facing multiple homes in South Africa where children receive inadequate support in their current schools and battle with learning gaps in fundamental subjects. To respond to these challenges we extended the programme to include pychosocial, academic, leadership and parental support. To read up more about the programme successes please access our Integrated Annual Report 

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Growthpoint staff engagement

Our staff are empowered to enrich the lives of communities around them. To demonstrate this commitment to volunteerism, each staff member is allocated eight hours in a year towards community engagement. The staff volunteerism programme called G² (also known as Growthpoint Gives), is an action-oriented initiative that allows staff to participate in various organised projects.

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CSI funding

A Discretionary Fund is used for CSI requests throughout the year. Executive management can approve ad hoc requests for individual donations up to R100 000, capped at no more than 10% of the total approved Transformation/CSI budget. Requests above R100 000 are escalated to the Social, Ethics and Transformation Committee that meets quarterly. Click here to apply for funding.

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