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Green Rated Buildings



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​Lighting Project

This pioneering project resulted in a large portion of Growthpoint’s national office portfolio’s energy inefficient lights, spanning over a million square metres of office space, being replaced with more energy efficient lighting technologies. An estimated electricity saving of 47.6 million kWh’s per annum was calculated. This equates to roughly electricity for 13 000 homes with an average consumption of 304 KWh per month.

Green Billing & Green Addendums

More than 80% of office clients have signed the Green Addendum and over 75% are currently active on our Green Billing system.

EWP Rating

Growthpoint and Eskom co-sponsored the creation of the GBCSA’s Energy Water Performance (EWP) rating tool. This tool benchmarks the energy and water performance of existing buildings. We have assessed all of our office buildings using the EWP tool with the intention of isolating buildings that scored relatively low. This allows us to implement various sustainable strategies, in order to ensure that our buildings perform equal to or if not better than the current benchmark. All of our new buildings attempt to achieve a minimum 4-Star Green Star rating for ‘Design’ and ‘As-Built’ from the GBCSA. We are currently using the GBCSA’s Existing Building Performance (EBP) rating tool to assess the performance of several of our current buildings.


We have implemented three rooftop solar PV projects, namely Lincoln on the Lake, Infotech and Waterall Mall, with great success, which equates to 714 Kilowatts peak (kWp).

Greenx 5.0

GreenX5.0 is our commitment to increase energy and water efficiencies in all our office buildings to be on a par with the GBCSA Energy and Water Performance rating (EWP rating). The EWP rating was developed on international standards, where 5.0 represents the benchmark on a rating scale between 0 and 10. The benchmarks for both energy and water were obtained using consumption data from several hundred properties around South Africa.


We are acutely aware of our impact on the environment and continuously strive to create better and improved green initiatives. We are currently conducting research into various areas, including waste and recycling management. Optimum glass facades for glare and heat control are also being investigated. This will contribute to the comfort levels of our buildings. Hydrogen fuel cells are also being looked at for possible future use.​ ​​