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Cop 21

We have made an ambitious commitment to sustainability, energy efficiency, and green building, to coincide with Buildings Day at COP21 in Paris 2015. Measurable environmental sustainability commitments are a vital part of what Growthpoint does in its office portfolio.A total of 25 Green Building Councils from around the world unveiled national commitments to transform the sustainability of their buildings to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and ensure the building and construction industry plays its part in limiting global warming to 2 degrees. Our commitment supports this.

Sustainability is at the core of our business imperatives at Growthpoint. This includes environmental, social and economic sustainability. Green buildings form a major part of our strategy, and resource efficiency is a priority for all our property assets. In this way, we create places where businesses, communities and our world can thrive. As part of our commitment, we are going to increase the percentage of renewable energy our buildings consume.

While it has been our goal to only develop office buildings that will achieve at least a 4-Star Green Star SA rating from the GBCSA for some time now, we are also focused on the green performance of our significant portfolio of standing office buildings. By 2020, all of our office investments will be above the Energy and Water Performance Rating Tool benchmark, and all of our long-term office investments will achieve at least a 4-Star Green Star SA GBCSA Existing Building Performance certification.

Buildings currently account for around one-third of global emissions. But a green building is one of the most cost-effective solutions to climate change, which generates significant environmental, economic and social benefits.