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Growthpoint Trading and Development is a specialised business unit that has built a sterling track record of creating assets and value for our business. Now, it also provide future-focused property solutions tailored to the needs of clients and partners across the Office, Industrial, Retail, Residential, Hospitality, and Healthcare property sectors.We strive to be the leading partner of choice for developing sustainable space to thrive and value creating property investment solutions. Our unique approach is centred around our clients. Our skilled team crafts solutions tailored to clients’ business needs, operating environments, and future growth visions. By partnering with you, our Trading and Development team deliver superior, smart and sustainable solutions. In addition to our exceptional variety of in-house skills, we work closely with our strong and established network of leading construction and built-environment professionals to deliver holistic, tailor-made,end-to-end solutions.We have built a respected track record of joint ventures in development and this ethos of partnering with clients and reputable developers continues to be a driving force for our Trading and Development team. Our collaborations are carefully tailored to meet the needs of each project and partner, and designed to deliver strategic value-adding services and solutions.

⁄ Developing purpose-built premises for investors, owner-occupiers, and our clients

⁄ De-risking larger and mixed-use developments

⁄ Launching joint venture developments that are ultimately intended for client ownership

⁄ Enabling empowerment partnerships and transactions

⁄ Unlocking greater value from assets for resale

⁄ Initiating long-term joint holdings with us

⁄ Delivering properties for our clients whose property strategies necessitate building ownership

⁄ Developing properties tailored to clients’ investment strategy.




Office space

We use our development services to create quality, sustainable and efficient corporate, multi-tenant, and sectional title office  buildings and co-working spaces in sought-after locations. We are living in a world where an increasingly mobile workforce is changing the way we think about work and traditional workspace. Our workspace design results in tailor-made, sustainable workplace solutions that focus on using space efficiently and effectively, and it aims to increase productivity and create space for your employees to thrive.

Industrial space

Drawing on our specialised expertise in this sector, we develop industrial spaces such as warehousing, logistics, manufacturing, and showroom facilities. In the innovative and rapidly evolving industrial world, it has become critical to remain up to date with the latest  technologies and operate from efficient, flexible and easily adjustable buildings. We also offer manufacturing, logistics, and warehousing analysis and design. To ensure that you remain competitive, we incorporate the latest technological advances and flexibility to adjust to your changing needs. By providing back-up and robust infrastructure options, we ensure your operations are never disrupted.


Retail space

We develop, redevelop and refurbish shopping centres to serve our clients’ best needs, from smaller centres serving neighbourhoods to large malls that attract shoppers from right across an entire region. Our retail development creates space that works for shoppers and enables retailers to thrive.