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Stakeholder Engagement

Growthpoint's key stakeholders include clients, shareholders, institutional investors, employees, suppliers, organised business, analysts and the media.

  • Maintain and uphold stakeholder relationships
  • Identify ways of providing stakeholders with enhanced value
  • Build an understanding of the issues surrounding stakeholders in the social, economic and environmental context in which we operate
  • Proactively anticipate changes and challenges in the social, economic and environmental context, so as to take advantage of opportunities and minimise risk
  • Identify ways of positively influencing the social, economic and environmental framework in which we operate
We engage actively with clients in the industrial, commercial and retail sectors. Our main objective is to better understand, and better service, clients needs, thus building stronger relationships and promoting tenant retention.
Shareholders and Institutional Investors
We communicate regularly with shareholders and institutional investors so as to convey relevant and accurate information about Growthpoint's activities and performance. This creates a more informed perception of the company while enabling us to receive feedback from the investor community. Methods of engagement include annual general meetings, financial results briefings and one-on-one meetings, and reporting through our website, annual report, sustainability report and other corporate documents.
Regular interaction with employees helps to ensure staff retention, build employee motivation and performance, and instill confidence and belief in our culture and values. We engage employees through presentations, the intranet, a staff newsletter, team meetings and performance appraisals.
Our procurement policies seek to encourage sustainability and broad-based
Organised Business
As a founding member and key player in the National Green Building Council of South Africa, we are able to take a leading position in adopting green building practices.
Analysts and the Media
We engage regularly with analysts and the media so as to influence stakeholder perceptions (and correct misperceptions), build our brand, and market our positioning and activities, both as a business and as a positive agent of change in a social, economic and environmental context. Interaction takes place through financial results presentations, interviews, press releases and reporting through the company website economic report, sustainability report and other corporate documents.