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Transformation journey & B-BBEE Certificates

We align all of our Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment reporting to the Property Charter. Our integrated approach leverages our core business to support long-term development through local procurement, enterprise development and socio-economic development. We currently hold a Level 3 BEE rating.  

You can access our B-BBEE certificates below.



Growthpoint certificate: 2017-2018 2017-2018.pdfGrowthpoint certificate: 2017-2018
Our transformation journey transformation journey
Growthpoint consolidated companies 2017-2018 B-BBEE consolodated companies 2017-20181010.pdfGrowthpoint consolidated companies 2017-2018
Growthpoint properties B-BBEE compliance report 2017 Properties Ltd_Final Report_2017.pdfGrowthpoint properties B-BBEE compliance report 2017
Growthpoint B-BBEE certificate: 2016/2017 Properties_Certificate_2016_2017.pdfGrowthpoint B-BBEE certificate: 2016/2017
Growthpoint B-BBEE consolidated companies: 2016-2017 B-BBEE consolodated companies 2016-2017.pdfGrowthpoint B-BBEE consolidated companies: 2016-2017
Growthpoint B-BBEE certificate: April 2015 B-BBEE certificate: April 2015
Growthpoint B-BBEE consolidated companies: April 2015 Properties B-BBEE consolidated-July2015.pdfGrowthpoint B-BBEE consolidated companies: April 2015
Growthpoint consolidated companies: 2014/2015 consolidated companies 2014_2015.pdfGrowthpoint consolidated companies: 2014/2015
Growthpoint BEE certificate: 2014/2015 BEE certificate 2014_2015.pdfGrowthpoint BEE certificate: 2014/2015
Growthpoint consolidated companies: 2013/2014 Incorporated Certificate_2014.pdfGrowthpoint consolidated companies: 2013/2014
Growthpoint B-BBEE Certificate 2013/2014 Certificate 2013-2014.pdfGrowthpoint B-BBEE Certificate 2013/2014