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Ethics and King IV report


The directors are bound by a code of ethics that forms part of the Board Charter. The code aims to ensure that we conduct our business in line with the highest ethical standards. In particular, it seeks to ensure compliance with legislation and regulation, in a manner that is beyond reproach. The code is available to employees and other stakeholders, as are our mission and value statements. (Values) .Our code of ethics is as follows: The Board of Directors of Growthpoint Properties Limited commits itself to ensure, as far as it lies within its powers to do so, that the company and its agents conduct the business according to the highest ethical standards and, in particular:

  • Comply with all laws of the country that affect the company.
  • Comply with the rules of the JSE Limited.
  • Not act in any way that may be regarded as harmful business practice.
  • Act in the best interests at all times of the various stakeholders, including linked unitholders.
  • Be transparent in disclosing all material information that may influence investors and potential investors.
  • Conduct the business as a responsible corporate citizen, having regard for the impact the business may have on the public and the environment.
  • Trade in securities of the company only in open periods and with the prior written permission of the Chairman and/or Chief Executive Officer.
  • Not trade in competition with the company.
  • Not hold positions that give rise to a conflict of interests and, should any potentially conflicting situations arise, to make full, prior written disclosure to the Board and abstain from participating in any discussions or voting on the matter, unless.

Growthpoint has various policies in place to promote ethical behaviour and integrity among management and employees. These policies are published on the intranet (available only to employees) and include:

  • Our mission and values.
  • Employee integrity, to encourage employee compliance with policies and standards of best practice.
  • Gifts, entertainment and inducements.
  • Whistle-blowing and protected disclosures, to encourage employees to raise concerns about workplace malpractice without fear of victimisation or reprisal.
  • Substance abuse and sexual harassment, forbidding these practices in the organisation.