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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I apply for funding?
    • Growthpoint does not fund projects outside of the mandated CSI priorities. In general, we accept a completed application form through the call for RFP. 
  2. I have supporting documents with my request. How do I send them?
    • Please submit only the requested forms, together with your application form.
      Email documents to with the name of your organisation in the subject line.
  3. How long will it take before my application is approved?
    • Applications are acknowledged within fourteen days of submission and depending on your request you may be invited to a presentation for further discussions.
  4. Who makes decisions on funding and when?
    • The CSI Team reports to the Social, Ethics and Transformation Committee which meets quarterly.
  5. How will the investment be monitored and measured?
    • Upon approval of funding, the key outputs and outcomes will be outlined for the recipient of the funding. This will be in line with the proposed programme and Growthpoint’s CSI objectives.

How Do I Apply For CSI Funding

How do I apply for CSI funding? do I apply for CSI funding? Growthpoint is socially responsible. We support Corporate Social Investment (CSI) programmes that promote skills development and empowerment, rather than dependency.

Acknowledged as being at the forefront of sustainability and as leaders in our field, we aim to impact the lives of the previously disadvantaged and marginalised groups by creating opportunities for them to thrive, through education and skills development. We are also focused on supporting education across South Africa because we believe that partnerships with educators will yield positive results towards our common vision of building a better life for all.

Our educational involvement is focused on four key areas.

  1. Early childhood development
  2. Primary school learning
  3. High school learning
  4. Youth development for job creation

Where do I find the application form? Please click here Consider questions when filling out the application form: Tips to help you complete the form: When thinking about what the funding will be used for and how this make a difference towards the intended beneficiaries, remember that the social impact refers to the change in people’s socio-economic position in society (after being helped). Theory of Change: TOC unpacks and explains the logic behind how a programme contributes to a chain of results that produce the programme’s ultimate intended impact(s).



The application form must include

  • Information about the programme
  • The organisational structure
  • Sustainability potential ( the programme must demonstrate how it will be able to survive after the funding)
  • Financial budget and latest annual statements ( If available)
  • Programme timeline
  • Monitoring and evaluation methods used
  • In the case of donations, proof that the applicant is a registered trust, a non-profit making organisation or Public Benefit Organisation in possession of a Section 18A Certificate/Registration, must be attached.

* Proposals to be a maximum of two pages.

When can I expect feedback?
Please be advised that if feedback is not given, please accept this as the application form being unsuccessful. Executive management can approve ad hoc requests for donations of up to R100 000. Requests above R100 000, go to the Social, Ethics and Transformation Committee for approval, which meets once a quarter. You will be notified of the outcome of your application once it has been reviewed. Should your application be successful, a letter will be sent to you stating the requirements and process moving forward.


  • Projects that are not aligned to our focus areas
  • Profit making companies
  • Animal related organisations or programmes
  • Religious organisations
  • Political parties or associations with political affiliation
  • Labour movements/unions
  • Organisations that have been in existence for less than one year
  • Growthpoint employees, the Board, and their immediate families
  • Individuals or small groups in their personal capacity
  • Direct funding to government, rather partner to fund its beneficiaries
  • Events for marketing sponsorships
  • International travels
  • Disaster relief and

Who do I contact if I have additional questions? Kindly contact Resoketswe Poto at or call her on 011 944 6348.

* Proposals received after the closing date will not be considered / accepted.
* The evaluation and monitoring of the application and funding are at the discretion of the Social, Ethics and Transformation Committee together with the CSI unit.