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Accounts Payable Portal

​We are changing our invoice processing

Growthpoint always strives to improve services, not only for our clients but also for our service providers. In order to achieve this and be socially responsible, we have decided to go green and introduce paperless invoice processing.
Please note that we will be starting with the fixed term contractual invoices and working our way towards the non-contractual invoices.

Click here to be redirected to the Growthpoint Accounts Payable Portal, hosted by LAWtrust.


The advantages of going paperless

  • Electronic invoices will be processed faster than paper-based invoices
  • Reliable delivery of invoices to appropriate persons at GrowthPoint.
  • Environmentally friendly due to reduced paper utilization.
  • Paper costs will be reduced.
  • Speedier payment of electronic invoices.


How the new process will work

Generate invoiceYou generate an invoice utilising your current invoice generating systems and will no longer be required to print your invoice.
Log inYou log into the Growthpoint’s Accounts Payable Portal provided by LAWtrust with your secure user name and password.
Upload invoiceYou upload the invoice onto the Growthpoint’s Accounts Payable Portal and save it with the information required in the compulsory fields.
Advanced Electronic signatureThe Accounts Payable Portal digitally signs the invoice in a manner acceptable to SARS. Once the document is digitally signed, any change in the document cancels the embedded signature i.e. any alterations to a document post signing is visually noticeable.
Invoice deliveryThe digitally signed invoice is routed to an accounts payable email address to enable Growthpoint to process for payment.


What's next?

Electronic invoice processing is only phase one of the improvements to our electronic systems. The next phase will include phasing out our paper-based order books and electronically sending out requests for quotations and purchase orders.


Need more info?

Answers to frequently asked questions can be found here.

The full user guide is also available for you to read here.